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From Kirkus Reviews
Hot Rod Hamster takes the fair by storm! Hot Rod and his big bulldog buddy are headed to the fair to see Fearless Franco's Monster Truck Mania. "Truck day, treat day, cotton-candy sweet day. / Fun day, fair day, music in the air day." But the show is not until 3:00. What can they do in the meantime? Hamster knows: search for the perfect ride! He knows the attributes of the perfect ride. The first criterion is fun. "Sailboat, rowboat, pirates long ago boat. / Sub boat, tugboat, chugga-chugga-chug boat. / Which would you choose?" The boat ride is fun, but the perfect ride will also be fast. The teacups ride fits that bill, but the perfect ride will also let them drive. The bumper cars are pretty good, but the perfect ride will go up in the air. Bulldog goes to save their seats for the monster-truck show while Hot Rod gets some cotton candy…where he hears that Fearless Franco can't drive since he broke his glasses. Now who do you think would like to drive a monster truck? Lord and Anderson reteam for a third fun-filled, rhythmic jaunt with Hot Rod and his friends (Happy Birthday, Hamster, 2011, etc.). Returning to what he loves best—things that GO!—Anderson's bright-eyed, expressive acrylics extend Lord's enthusiastic rhyming tale to perfection. A treat for Hot Rod fans as well as lovers of trucks and carnival rides. (Picture book. 3-6)


From School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2—Hot Rod Hamster is back and looking for the fair's best ride as he eagerly waits for Fearless Franco's Monster Truck Mania show to begin. Searching for an attraction that will be "FUN," "FAST," and-most importantly-"LET US DRIVE," Hamster and friends enjoy familiar favorites such as the teacups, bumper cars, and cotton candy. The real excitement comes, though, when Fearless Franco breaks his glasses and Hamster has to step in to save the show. The little guy finally finds his perfect ride, popping wheelies and doing donuts like a pro. The clever, rhyming text sets up a narrative pattern highlighting the many options presented at each attraction. The repetition of "What would you choose?" allows for great audience participation, and the characters' clear dialogue boxes with slight font variations lend themselves to creative storytelling opportunities. The bright, boldly colored acrylic illustrations of funny, silly animals perfectly match the text's high energy level, and the background action is entertaining without overwhelming the story. A fun read with broad appeal.—Whitney LeBlanc, Staten Island Academy, NY


From Publishers Weekly
Hot Rod Hamster’s need for speed is still going strong, and he and his friends indulge it by trying out several rides at the fair while waiting for the monster truck show to begin. As in the previous two Hot Rod Hamster books, Lord invites reader participation through her rhymes (“Sports car, race car, fun in outer space car./ Cop car, mail car, make the siren wail car./ Which would you choose?”). Anderson’s brash acrylics play up the comedy of a tiny orange fuzzball like Hamster being such an adrenaline junkie—especially when he saves the day by filling in for the monster truck driver at the main event. Ages 3–5